In Need of a Virus Removal Specialist?

Have you ever been caught out by a Virus or Trojan attack?

 In the UK alone well over 50 % of computer users got a Virus ,Trojan or Malware in 2016!

Do you have Spyware, Malware or a Trojan on your computer or laptop now and not know it???

Is your computer up to date are you open to a Ransom attack???



he most common thing about Virus removal that the engineers here at Computer Repair Essex get asked by our customers is how did I manage to get a Virus or a Trojan on my computer or laptop when I have an antivirus program installed!

The answer to this Question is that unfortunately no antivirus program can stop all Virus or Trojan attacks, especially if your antivirus,windows or software are not kept up to date.

Many years ago it was the geek kids who when they were bored would put a virus on the net for a prank just to see if they could get people to take the bait and infect their computers. Nowadays virus, Trojans and Spyware have become big business with organized crime, this being the biggest threat of all. The new breed of hackers trying to get your personal details from your computer or laptop are now much more sophisticated than ever before.

Virus Removal and Trojan threats:

The increase of Virus and Trojan threats over the last year alone has almost doubled, they are now getting very clever trying to trick the unaware person to click on a link for a freebie or such like goodie that sounds too good to miss out on, but once you do 9 times out of 10 times it’s too late you have let in the undesirable Virus or Malware. Some show themselves straight away claiming to be legitimate programs informing you that you have Virus or Malware and various bugs and faults  on your computer and asking you for money to buy their spoof  program to get rid of the said program this also is a scam as by paying them for the removal of the program they will just take your money and will of course not do a thing to remove the virus. While others steadily corrupt your O/S system or programs and slowly but surely render your machine useless until the virus or Trojan is removed, others will hide on your computer or laptop and keep and send you personal and confidential information to the crooks so that they can use your information to gain credit or buy things on the internet or worst still clone your identify.

As we are now in the middle of the Christmas period be very weary of and emails that concern parcel deliveries as this is a way that fraudsters can compromise you email account and then gain access to your computer giving them access to your personal files or by putting a key logger onto your machine.

Sending you fake emails from your bank, building society,tax office,pay pal,ebay or credit card company trying to get your to fill out forms that are really from the hackers and not from the real company. If your virus protection is up to date and your email account is set up properly then you should be fairly safe from this kind of threat, this type of threat is called phishing. According to a survey carried out by a leading antivirus company well over 88% of emails sent are classed as spam!

With the popularity of mobile android phones steadily growing we have seen a growth of Malware for the android markets grow at an alarming rate 14,900 new malicious programs targeting Android devices were added in the second quarter of 2012 alone. If you have an android phone and you do not have an antivirus program on it I would advise you to download the free antivirus program from Avast, now from your apps store.

If you have a problem with Virus Removal, Trojan or Malware give Computer Repair Essex a call now!!!