Data Recovery Experts in Essex

“If you’ve ever lost your data then you’ll know how important data recovery is!”


ho doesn’t make mistakes? Have you ever deleted something by accident? Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never lost weeks, months or even years of work by way of the bin.

The curse of data loss can also sabotage even a assiduous perfectionist because computers do break down and hard drives will eventually wear out. God forbid your drive gives up on you and there is no backup to retrieve.

If you ever find yourself in this miserable situation don’t worry because Computer Repair Essex offers a full data recovery service for hard drives, usb pen drives and even camera flash drives.

‘‘How does one put a price on memories‘‘
Imagine losing all those precious photo’s of the kids,your family or your favorite pet.Once lost these happy moments will be lost forever or losing all that work that has taken you weeks months or even years to complete.Always backup you data to a removable hard drive or the clould on a regular basis.  .”

What should you do if Windows reports: hard drive failure imminent?

We tend to put our trust in our computers but things can and will go wrong usually when we least expect it. The hardest worked component on your computer your hard drive can fail at anytime and like most people we do not take backups of our valuable data, such as our cherished photos of the children or the grandchildren that once lost cannot be replaced so if windows reports an imminent hard drive failure what should you do?

The Question is when will your hard drive fail unfortunately no one can tell but be sure that you take heed of this warning  as it will defiantly fail  in the near future so if you can back up your data yourself do it immediately as your hard drive could fail at anytime, you  can back up you valuable documents or photos to a removable hard drive or usb pen drive,Computer Repair Essex can then transfer this data onto a new hard drive for you.

If you cannot do this yourself  try not to use your computer or laptop until our technicians have had a look at it for you the reason being is that we may be able to save your information for you before it gets overwritten and not have to try to recover it as this could result in some files being corrupted or irretrievable therefore saving you time and money.

At Computer Repair Essex we can then replace your failed hard drive with a new one and replace all your data onto it and if you wish can also back it up for you on a usb data stick or a removable hard drive so that you have a copy of your data or of your cherished memories that you can store in a safe place should you ever need to use this backup.


 Data Recovery and Data Wiping

’Have you heard on the news or read in the newspaper that someone having bought a hard drive from a boot sale and after taking it home they find someone else’s confidential  information on it’’

When it comes to getting rid of your old computer or laptop we at Computer Repair Essex can sanitize your hard drives for you so that you company data or your personal data cannot be retrieved when you give your computer away, recycle or sell it. When you delete your files in windows it does not completely destroy the information but it only hides it so you cannot see it anymore we use secure sanitation software that uses the latest recommendations laid down by the Center for Magnetic Recording Research and Conforms to DOD sanitizing standards and uses Gutmann’s data destruction method.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your hard drive can or cannot be read or recovered by forensic lab data recovery.