Computer Repair Services Essex

Looking for high quality computer repair services?  If you like to have an experienced and professional team of technicians on your team. You’ve come to the right place.

At Computer Repair Essex we’ve been providing first class customer service and state of the art Computer Repair Services for more than 20 years. Our technicians have repaired tens of thousands of computers and broken laptops, they have experience across the board, repairing both residential and commercial systems.

Computer Repair Essex is a local company that cares about you, and with us you’ll receive a premium service that’s fast and affordable. If you any unforeseen issues do crop up we’ll be happy to help sort it out with you. Peace of mind can’t be bought but it may help to know that all of our work is guaranteed.

Our technicians specialise in computer repair services includingL laptop repairs, virus removal, computer cleaning, data recovery and much more. 

No matter what your problems are we can help. No problem is too big or too little. If it is fixable, we’ll fix it. Nothing is too tough for us!

Laptop Repairs — Premium Computer Repair Services

Laptops are the most abused computers in the world. They’re made to go where you go, but laptops are still very sensitive cant take the kind of wear and tear that they often have to endure! Don’t worry, if your laptop is damaged our Computer Repair Services in Essex is just a phone call away!

Laptop repairs are no problem for our team of experienced technicians; we offer an extensive range of laptop repair services. For Example:

    • Laptop Screen and Inverter Repairs – Screen damage is one of the most common types of laptop damage. If your screen is cracked, blank, flickering discoloured or not doing what is supposed to we have a technician who can help you.
  • Motherboard Repairs – May be needed if your laptop has been dropped onto a hard service, become wet (you spilled your drink, dropped it in the pool) or if there is a graphics card problem.
  • Laptop Power Socket Replacement – To assist with damaged power sockets and laptops that won’t charge or are not getting power. We are here to give you your power back!.
  • Keyboard Repairs – We can replace missing keys, repair keys that are not working or repair your entire keyboard.
  • Hard Drive or Memory – Our technicians can help you with hardware upgrades, data relocation and hard drive replacement.
  • Hinge Replacement – Broken hinges can cause many problems if they are not repaired as soon as possible. Contact us today to avoid the hassles..
  • Microsoft Windows – If you are having problems with windows software we can assist you by reinstalling or upgrading your operating system.
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Data Recovery — Premium Computer Repair Services

It’s terrible when you lose data. Have you have accidentally deleted an important project or family photos?  You know sometimes months or even years of work can disappear in a flash.

At Computer Repair Essex we know how valuable your data is and our professional data recovery team can get that data back for you. If you’ve suffered data loss, acting fast is vital to data recovery success.

Don’t panic! call us before its too late. Hitting keys and trying to recover data yourself can sometimes make it impossible to get your data back.

Even if you continue to use your device your lost files may be gone forever. Let the specialist get the job done for you, because we’re trained to recover data from hard drives, usb drives and even camera drives.

We can also help with permanent data wiping, if you wish to sell your computer or ensure that no one can ever access your data you can trust us!

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 Virus Removal — Premium Computer Repair Services

Even if you’re careful  when it comes to protecting your computer your system can still get targeted by malicious malware and virus attacks.

Malicious software had advanced along with the development of new devices that are capable of accessing the internet such as smart phones and other hand held devices.

Here at Computer Repair Essex we have seen a rise in the amount of virus programmes that has been specifically designed to attract android devices.Our technicians are up to date with what is out there and we can remove threats from your system so that it functions normally and your personal information is kept safe from hackers.

There are many programs online that claim to be capable of repairing your system and removing viruses or malware, many of these programs are in fact viruses themselves and you may be putting you security at risk by downloading them.

For Virus and Malware removals call Computer Repair Service Essex Today.

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Computer Cleaning — Premium Computer Repair Services

Everything gets dirty! Your computer is no exception to this rule and it can become infected with germs or accumulate dust, regular computer cleaning is necessary in order to keep your system in top shape.

Many people clean the surfaces of their computers and are not aware of the fact that keeping the hard to reach areas clean is vital to ensuring that their system continues to run smoothly. Cleaning the outside surfaces of your computer is important, however, using harsh or inappropriate cleaning agents may be doing more harm than good.

 It is important to ensure that shared computers and office computers are regularly cleaned. This is because computers can harbour germs that can easily spread from one user to the next.

A build up of dirt and dust can cause fans and cooling vents to stop functioning normally. When your computer overheats this can cause many problems that may be very expensive or even impossible to repair.

At Computer Repair Services Essex we understand that prevention is better than cure, this is why we offer Computer Cleaning as well as traditional Computer Repair Services.

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