Computer Cleaning Service in Essex

Why Computer Cleaning?

Is your computer becoming increasingly slow?

Is your computer Shutting down unexpectedly?

Do you know this is often caused because of built up dirt and dust!

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Does your computer look like this?

Computer cleaning services is one of our specialities at Computer Repair Essex. You know we offer an unprecedented computer cleaning service that removes all dust, debris and other gunk that builds up in your computer making more reliable. It’s easy to think that cleaning a computer is a waste of time and dismiss it as a frivolous and an unnecessary expense. After all the you may only use it to go on the internet, write a letter or do the kids homework on.

But here are some of the reasons why a clean computer will last much longer as the components do not have to work as hard extending their life for up to three times the norm.

Symptoms — Why Computer Cleaning is Needed

Computer Cleaning Essex

See why you might need Computer Cleaning?

Overheating!– The inside of your computer is a very special place as this is where all of the most important parts of your computer reside, when your computer gets full of dust and other debris that become statically charged and combine they then stick to the cpu fans and power supply fans that keep you computer cool, this also clogs the cooling vents that keep you computer cool therefore making your computer or laptop overheat and have to work harder to keep itself cool, it can also stop the fans from working and cause the machine to overheat, damage your motherboard and stop working all together, crashing or turning off unexpectedly.

Germs!–.A computer is trying to keep itself cool by regularly moving air around the inside the case; this is done by the fans sucking cool air in then blowing the hot air out. When it sucks in air it also sucks in dust and hair and other debris, these things can accumulate inside of your computer, allowing all sorts of bugs, germs and bacteria to breed, grow and multiply in the warm environment that is created in the build up of fluff and crudd in your computer, eventually they will all get blown out of the computer causing a serious hygiene issue that transfers germs and bacteria into the air. People with allergies or who are sensitive to dust and mould should pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the insides of their computers by keeping them regularly serviced to keep the machine free from these harmful elements.

Computer Cleaning Essex Services Dust Build up

Computer Cleaning really does help

Just like having your car serviced regularly and by having an oil change and tune-up it keeps your car in tip top condition, so just like your car by having your computer or laptop cleaned and serviced by Computer Repair Essex it will benefit it greatly